Water Valley Forest Nursery

A family-run garden centre and nursery, serving the Cremona and Water Valley area for over 20 years.

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About Us

Water Valley Forest Nursery is a family business that has been in operation for over twenty years. Based in Alberta, Ray manages the growth of about one million reforestation seedlings, while Brenda focuses on the garden centre. January to June is our peak season in the greenhouse, and along with our children and staff, we pleased to offer a wide range of products to our customers.

We are a distributor of Stoney Soil Products Ltd. We carry 4ft cube tote bags of their soil and also of the Garden Mix (compost blended with soil) as well as smaller 30 litre bags of topsoil and compost.

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Our Trees

At Water Valley Forest Nursery we supply reforestation seedlings that are grown on contract beginning at the start of each year. These are then shipped to various locations in Alberta to be planted during June and July. However, if you are interested in small trees as wedding favours, or to start a shelterbelt, we can often provide info for that too.

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Our Plants

In our garden center you can find an assortment of basket stuffers, annuals, vegetables, seeds, hardy perennials (for Zone 2), fruit trees, shrubs and more.

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Apple Blossom


‘Batik’ German Iris


Potato Vine


Early Blue Violet


Primula Auricula


Fuschia Blacky


Assorted Annuals


‘Gladiator’ Crabapple


Wave Petunia




Phlox subulata ‘Early Spring Blue’


Phlox intensia ‘Blueberry’


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How to Find Us

Water Valley Forest Nursery is located in rural Mountain View County, ten minutes from Cremona, Alberta. About 45 minutes drive from NW Calgary, we're also easily accessible from Cochrane, Airdrie and other and other nearby communities.

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Please check our blog or contact us for updates.